Decade in Review

Decade in review.🥂
Success doesn’t happen over night.
Success looks different for everyone.
👉🏼The path you take is not set in stone.
👉🏼Pivot as needed💯
👉🏼Forget what anyone else is doing, stay in your lane.
👉🏼Build the business of YOUR dreams.
A snapshot:
2010- took a year off social media, was a year into my VA business. Still pushing fabric @ Fabric Lane and sewing an occasional cloth diaper. Started a coupon blog, wrote articles for a content mill… and I’m sure a bunch of other random wfh gigs 😉
2011/2012 worked with one VA client, almost full time.
2013- that one client decided to hire in house in NY. We also decided to move back to MA. It was challenging and a huge reminder not to throw all my eggs in one basket 🤔
2014- was a year of incredible growth, referrals were abundant. I hit 10k+ months and six figures as a solo VA.

2015- I started to make moves to grow and add a team, when I found out I was pregnant and then lost the baby. Enter depression and nearly losing my business.

2016- As I worked myself back up from rock bottom I worked with clients that took advantage, and were not at all a fit.

2017- brought my dreamiest client, and I also realized settling for a client just for the $$ never works out.

2018- Was a year of tremendous personal growth, I started to pivot from my VA business to OBM to Biz coach.

2019- I finally found myself. Many hard lessons, but I found my passion and my zone of genius. I launched my biz intensives and Social in a Weekend 🥳

Success looks different for everyone. The last 10 years came with many lessons. I’m not the same person as I was 10 years ago, hell I’m not the same person that started 2018.

Where will you be in 10 years? Part of my success came from finding the right mentors and biz coaches to help lead the way. You can’t find success until you get out of your own way!

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