Top 10 Virtual Tools and Services

One of my most frequently asked questions is “How do you communicate and collaborate  being virtual?”

While working virtually raises several challenges then actually being in an the office face to face, there are many resources and services that help to make working virtual seamless.  Here are my top 10 tools that I use frequently.

#1 Time Keeping and invoicing : Freshbooks – This tool allows me to keep track of the time I work on each client’s tasks as well as collect that time and invoice them.  It also has the option for  clients to log in and track the time that is used on their tasks.

#2 Instant Messenger- Slack / Text Message / Google Messenger

#3 Email- Gmail

#4 Calendar- Google Calendar

#5 Sharing and Collaborating files- google docs, Asana

#6 PDF converter- CutePDF

#7 Faxing – Efax

#8 Digital Signature- Adobesign

#9 Image Editing- Photoshop, canva,

#10 Video Conferencing- google hangouts

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