Why You Should Delegate

“I can’t afford it!”

That’s what I hear often with clients. They can’t afford to hire help. They can’t afford to delegate tasks.

YOU can’t afford not to.

When you start to delegate, your business will grow. Promise.💯

I talk a lot about delegating and that’s because you can not keep doing everything and expect your business to grow.🔥

Sure you can grow a business and not delegate but you will eventually be capped, burnout, and not be able to grow as fast as you could when you delegate 😉

Most small businesses and entrepreneurs try to take on everything on their own. That quickly leads to burn out, and just not being able to accomplish everything. You can’t be efficient by doing all.the.things.🚫

I’m a huge fan of working within your zone of genius, what you’re really good at, and outsourcing all the tasks that you suck at.🆘

If you’ve never delegated anything, make a list of some tasks you could take off your plate and easily delegate.📝

Keep all things revenue generating!💰

If you want help with getting clear on what to delegate check out the FREE download. The updated FREE download helps you work through what to delegate and how to figure it out.

Writing out what you do in a day is the first step. Let me if that exercise helps you to get clear on what types of tasks you should be delegating.

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